Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy birthday to my almost teenager!!!!



My oldest daughter is 12 yrs old. As of 5:31pm this evening. I cannot believe it.

Eric and I keep shaking our heads at the thought of having an "almost" teenager - a fact that she keeps reminding me of.

My daughter is awesome. She is so sweet, thoughtful, caring, smart and pretty. Seriously. She has the best smile and the most beautiful dark hazel eyes.

As a birthday gift, she is getting contacts. Something that she has been requesting for awhile. I think that she is ready. We shall see.

We went to the eye doctor at Clarkson Eye Care here in Edwardsville. And as he continued to tell me the condition of her eyeballs, I could tell that the bill would be significant. She has astigmatism to beat the band. I knew that her vision was complicated when I had to start, when she was a 3yo preschooler wearing those adorable wire rimmed glasses, putting eye drops in her eye to weaken the strong one so the one with the worst vision wouldn't get too dependent. With me so far????

She was beaming the entire time, knowing that she was taking that leap into NOT wearing glasses, as she has been for 3/4 of her life.

Needless to say, the doctor reassured her (and me) that her contacts would need to be the hard kind, with a super special, one of a kind prescription. They are being made as I type. I picture a small, old, white-haired man (akin to Gepetto, Pinocchios' dad) whittling away at a small piece of plastic/glass to try to make that perfect lens for my girl. I know that is not the case, right?

Anything for our girls, you know?

Happy Birthday to my oldest, sweetheart monkey. You made me a momma.

I love you, forever. I'll like you for always. As long as I am living, my baby you'll be.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Heard in my house....just a few days ago....

"Momma? I have poop on my foot..."

Silence from both Eric and I....I think we both thought that we were dreaming. It was VERY early...too early for poop to be ANYWHERE!!!!

"Momma....I have poop....on my foooooOOOOOOT!!!"

I implore the husband to get up and check. He does. And quickly calls for back-up.

Our 3yo monkey is recovering from a NASTY stomach bug and things...well....things happened.

We got it taken care of. We got the monkey taken care of. And, after 2 trips to the ER in 1 week, with one kid....I am glad that she is on the mend.

By the way....she is in her big-girl bed now. She thinks that it is the most awesome thing ever. She is so proud. In and out. In and out. In and out of that bed. Just because she can. Yesterday evening, I caught her brushing the "hair" of all of her stuffed animals. She wants to be like Aunt Mandy.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Well....the plastic grass is put away...
the baskets are put up...
half of the hard-boiled eggs have already found their way into an egg salad sandwich...

Easter is over.

This day has capped what has been an emotional week.
Easter week shall forever have a new meaning for our family.

My mother-in-law met Jesus on Palm Sunday. And on this Easter, her absence is palpable. It doesn't, and probably will never, feel the same.

But, on this Easter, she would want us to remember the sacrifice that was made, that made her admission into heaven possible. Jesus, dying on the cross, making us all worthy of heaven and God's grace.

May we never forget the reason for the season. May we enjoy the chocolate, peeps, jelly beans and family dinners...but always have, in the back of our minds, the real reason that we should be celebrating...

Our salvation.

God Bless you...if you are a reader of my blog. If you are not...God Bless you, too.

I am so thankful for my family...friends....and for my Lord and Salvation. I hope that you are, too.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today, we will lay my mother-in-law to rest.

Today, my sweet husband will say good-bye to his mom (until we see her in heaven).

Today, my daughters will tell their Grandma Diekemper good-bye.

Today, my mother-in-law will get her wings (according to Allison).

We have been stuggling with how to tell Allison about Grandma. At 3.5yrs, we know that Allison's comprehension of death is darned near nil. Like it should be.

So today, as we stood by the casket that was holding my mother-in-law's body, I told Allison that Grandma's body didn't work anymore. She won't be opening her eyes or talking to us.
I told Allison that tomorrow (today) Jesus will be coming to get Grandma to take her to heaven.

Allison asked if Grandma will be getting all better in heaven. I told her yes.

Allison asked if Grandma would be coming back. I told her no.

Allison then asked if Grandma will get "some wings". I told her yes. Ally looked at me and asked "Grandma will be the angel?". I told her yes.

Allison smiled a tiny smile, patted the casket, near grandma, and walked away. That was all she needed.

We will tell stories of Grandma til the cows come home. I want memories to be the best thing that they have from Grandma.

By the way...the line at the funeral home? Neverending, for 5.5hrs. Friends, name it. They all came to pay their respects to this woman who touched so many lives. What a testimony.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

LaVerne Diekemper

My very sweet, kind, strong mother-in-law passed away this morning. With her husband by her side, she took her last breath and was welcomed into heaven.

We knew this was coming. Knew that it would be days, not weeks, until she went to heaven...

But still, it is so hard.

I am so sad that my heart is just breaking. Breaking for her husband, her children and in-law children, her grandkids, her sisters and brothers.

This kind woman will be missed by family, friends and parish family.

I had to tell my children that a wonderful thing happened this morning.

Grandma got to meet Jesus.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Emily.....

My sweet girl, Emily, turned 8 today.
At 7:43a.m.

It seems like yesterday that she was placed in my arms...after a delivery that was exciting to say the least.

Her delivery was awesome. A baby who decides to come on her own terms...when no one was ready to catch her...

And it has been that way ever since.

Our girl is a one-of-a-kind, sweet, smart, awesome, kind, independent, inventive, creative, caring kid. We got one of the best kids in the world....well...THREE of the best kids in the world.

Happy Birthday to you, Emily.

We love you with all of our hearts and are so glad that you are our daughter.