Friday, September 14, 2012

Well, well, well. There you are!!!

Yup! Here I am.
I have not fallen off of the face of this great earth. I have not run away to the jungles of africa.
I have just been a bit busy.
Doing what? Well.....let me think.
Since my last post, Allison has graduated Kindergarten and is thriving in the 1st grade. She is a very sensitive gal who cannot get it through her head that, although she is the youngest, she in not the baby. But I guess she will always be our baby. right?

Emily is finally a Middle schooler. The most important part of this in our school getting to wear more selections of shirt colors and khaki bottoms. When kids wear uniforms to school everyday, they take every little bit of freedom and individuality that they can get. She is an avid reader and waiting for basketball practice to start. The boy craziness comes and goes like it does with most girls her age.

Katie? Katie. Katie. Katie. Our sweet Katie. She is jumping in to her sophomore year with both feet. She is staying active in the drama club, but enjoying the work behind the scenes, She has found some kindred spirits with the crew. She is participating in the choir and auditioned for and made the elite
women's choir at EHS called Bel Canto. That was an awesome boost to her self smile!Her grades remain strong. No thanks to me or Eric. I can quiz her on vocab words, but that math stuff that she has gotten to is way above what I remember. She make me so proud. They all 3 do!!!

My new niece, Madalyn, is now 2yrs old. She is a tiny, mighty vessel of brains and  stinkerpotterness. She is a 2yo and she acts like it. Although you need to address her as the mailman quite often. She is
alot of fun. And she reminds me of her mother all of the time/!!!!

Eric and I are trucking right allong. Almost to our 19th wedding anniversary in October. Wow, huh?
I am so thankful to have him in my life. He is a good hubby and a great daddy to our daughters. What more could I ask for.

We went to Pensacola Florida in August, 2012. It was a wonderful family trip. Time spent together, hanging out, at the beach, exploring lighthouses, museums, more beaches....awesome. It was so nice to spend time together as our family. Love those people to pieces!!!!!