Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Picture of valentines day candy hearts.

I got to wake up to one of my sweet, fuzzy Valentine's this morning. She was sleeping, plastered right up next to me...breathing in my face. It was Allison...sweet as ever, peacefully sleeping. I kissed both of her eyelids.

I then got to wake up 2 more Valentine's...the Valentine on the top bunk didn't want to get out of bed...but does she ever? She got a kiss on her forehead.

The 3rd Valentine woke up usual. With a "Hi, mommy."

Just missing my Major Valentine...forever Valentine...Eric.

We will get to be together tomorrow has been a long week.

Happy Valentine's Day, sweetheart! We miss you!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Everyone is well....and SWAP goodies!!!

I think that everyone is finally on the mend. FINALLY!!!
We are finishing up some antibiotics on Allison and no one really needs any bedtime that is wonderful for us!
Thanks for the prayers!

A website that I have become quite addicted to is Studio Calico (link to the left). I am in love with the kits...comprised of papers and goodies that I would never buy for myself or even be able to find in my area. The kits are like Christmas, every month, for a scrapbooking crazy, such as myself. The message board is made up of some inspirational, funny and cool chicks that I have ever "met". The design team work is something to behold...

ANYWAY...I became involved in a Valentine's swap. My first swap ever. Basically, you answer a little questionaire about yourself and the swap coordinator pairs you up with someone else and you get her questionaire. My partner was Sally D. She lives in Texas. I went crazy trying to put together a box of stuff that I was hoping that she would love. Stuff that I loved (and may have bought doubles of). I got her goodies before I was able to mail my stuff off. The stress of trying to get it right was insane.

My goodie box was wonderful. In addition to the scrapping stuff, I got a delicious candle (Bird of Paradise) and my home has not smelled so good as it does now!

Here is a pic or 2 of my swap goodies. I have not gotten to create with anything yet (my poor sick kiddos) but I will soon. Mark my word!!!

Thanks, Sally, for your generosity!

Have a great week!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

It is official :(

The baby has influenza. Like I didn't already know that.

The pediatrician says that she thinks it is an epidemic.
She swabs this sick kid first, then does the rest of her exam.

So...the prescriptions is just more of the same.
Double the Tamiflu dose. Continue the Amoxicillin.
Fluids and comfort measures.

I can do that!!!

My poor gal. Hopefully, she will be on the mend quickly.

Please pray for a healthy household for us!!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

It was a matter of time...

The baby is sick. 104 temp. cough. runny nose. vomitrociousness....

She is already on Tamiflu - Katie was diagnised with infuenza last Thursday.

So...we wait it out. Poor monkey is feeling very poorly.

When I am able to get some tylenol in her and her fever breaks for a few hours...she goes insane. Like she has to catch up with all of the playing that she has been missing. But then, she winds back down, as the fever goes up.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be our turn-around day. *fingers crossed*

So...for now...this is me.