Sunday, April 5, 2009

LaVerne Diekemper

My very sweet, kind, strong mother-in-law passed away this morning. With her husband by her side, she took her last breath and was welcomed into heaven.

We knew this was coming. Knew that it would be days, not weeks, until she went to heaven...

But still, it is so hard.

I am so sad that my heart is just breaking. Breaking for her husband, her children and in-law children, her grandkids, her sisters and brothers.

This kind woman will be missed by family, friends and parish family.

I had to tell my children that a wonderful thing happened this morning.

Grandma got to meet Jesus.

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jenn said...

im so sorry ami...i am thinking of you and your family! and i just love those last two sentences...."i had to tell my children that a wonder thing happened this morning. grandma got to go meet jesus"