Thursday, April 23, 2009

Heard in my house....just a few days ago....

"Momma? I have poop on my foot..."

Silence from both Eric and I....I think we both thought that we were dreaming. It was VERY early...too early for poop to be ANYWHERE!!!!

"Momma....I have poop....on my foooooOOOOOOT!!!"

I implore the husband to get up and check. He does. And quickly calls for back-up.

Our 3yo monkey is recovering from a NASTY stomach bug and things...well....things happened.

We got it taken care of. We got the monkey taken care of. And, after 2 trips to the ER in 1 week, with one kid....I am glad that she is on the mend.

By the way....she is in her big-girl bed now. She thinks that it is the most awesome thing ever. She is so proud. In and out. In and out. In and out of that bed. Just because she can. Yesterday evening, I caught her brushing the "hair" of all of her stuffed animals. She wants to be like Aunt Mandy.


Houston said...

oh my, what a way to wake up! Glad your monkey is feeling better.

Terri said...

It's amazing what us moms can handle. My kids are older no but I remember dealing with warm stinking things out of both ends still to this day!

Holly said...

Lol oh dear! That doesn't sound too good at all! I'm glad she's feeling better now! :)

jenn said...

poop on her foot....holy cow!