Wednesday, August 19, 2009

School days and on-call shifts.... has started. For the 2 big monkeys...littlest monkey starts next week. She is SOOO ready. I am so ready.....

The girls love school and have always excelled in their school work. Thank goodness.

Katie's class is about a 2:1 ratio boys:girls. That is fine with Katie. We are approaching that age. Boys are becoming cute and are something to doodle about and giggle over. Ahhhh....the good 'ol days. I remember them fondly. But Kate's dad is not fond of the crush stage. I try to reassure hime that it is perfectly/wonderfully normal. We'll see if I am still saying that in 3 or 4 years. ha!

Emily is profoundly social and loves to have people around her. School is the place for her. She is bright and cheerful. She loves to talk...and that may be her only downfall. If that is one. She is a favorite of her teachers, for sure.

Allison is a blank slate. We shall see how school fits her. We shall see.

As for the on-call shifts....they suck. I got called in around 0130 last night. Don't get me wrong...I need the moolah, it was only 6 or so hours and I DID SIGN UP FOR IT!!! But, a delivery at 0707 is not the way to end a shift. I didn't clock out til 0815.

The delivery was great. The pt had had 4 or 5 kids prior to this delivery. She was requesting an epidural...but when a pt with that many deliveries under her belt tells you that she feels "pressure" usually don't have time to get that epidural in. And we were right. But she did great. Cute baby boy. They are all one way or another.

I am not sure what the deal is with the insane amount of deliveries...but these babies all got their starts in October/November of 2008. Can anyone tell me what was going on then????

We have Obama Babies!!! Not Obama's babies...nooooo. But I think that everyone was feeling the "love"...professing the "hope and change"....and celebrating. Yeah....I think that that is it. We have to explain it some way.

We will have to see what this economic downturn will do to the number of pregnancies....people can't afford entertainment....people are staying in more.....we will probably keep seeing this surge of new people entering the world.

I am on call for a couple of more shifts this week. Hopefully I will get called in and not have to do crazy think??? I love the time and a half pay...but hate the work level bumped up 50%, too. Go figure.

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jenn said...

weve been busy too lately! the call for help went out THREE times today....and they ended up offering double bonus! some day, i keep saying, we will run out of preggos in stl! dont you think?!?!?!?