Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Anyone want to borrow some children???

Yikes! This summer cannot pass fast enough. The girls have officially gone stir crazy. I will be admitting them to the institution (their school) in 1 week!!!!!

That being said....I will miss them. It is something to have the insanity that is our home...but in overdrive during the summer. Allison will be a preschooler...I can't believe it.

Our "baby girl princess (self-proclaimed)" is now 4yo. Unreal. I had a patient, on Sunday night, who was 7 cm dilated and in full blown labor. It was unreal on the division and the CRNA (anesthesia nurse) couldn't get right to her bedside to place her epidural. The patient was feeling the unbelievable urge to push and kept grunting and bearing down with contractions...even though we were encouraging her to "breathe" and "not push" (she was not fully dilated). I apologized (lightheartedly) to her afterwards (beautiful baby girl) about that. The whole time I was having flashbacks to my own labor with Allison. I had tried to deliver her without an epidural (which I had with the first 2). I was completely dilated for about 2 hours and had that same terrible urge to push and couldn't help but to bear down. It is uncontrollable. She laughed and said that she understood that we had to do what we had to do.

School shopping is almost complete. We need to purchase the ever-important backpacks, lunchbox (Emily), pencil case (Emily), and accordian file (Katie). The right or wrong one of any of these can make or break a school year. Especially for a 7th grader or 3rd grader. ha!!!

Shoe shopping was a delight....not. But we ended it with 3 happy girls...Katie got the perfect pair of Nike's. Emily got the "cutest" pair of Sketchers. And Allison is very happy that her shoes have "diamonds" on them. You didn't know that Payless had diamond encrusted shoes, did you????

Last weekend, we went to Pere Marquet park past Grafton, Illinois for the annual TKE campout (my hubby is a TKE from his long ago SUIE days). They get together every year and I think that it is wonderful. This year was a good crowd...but the crowd now includes kids, spouses of said kids, and GRAND kids. Crazy!!!!

This is a great photo of the group!!! I love this photo!!!!

Have a great day...I am getting ready to go put 2 children into timeout....guess which 2.
Hint: Allison is not one of them.

Do you think that, if I put the children at the front doors of the school now...I will get in trouble??? ha!

PS...will I ever get to scrapbook again???


Erika said...

I am so with you on the school think. My 4 1/2 is going into her second year of preschool ans I am tired of listening to her SASS all summer. Yes I also LOVE her and will miss her so much but I am READY for the break - **sigh**

Sasha said...

hahaah ... I feel you on the kiddos and the lip service at times ..