Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back to school!!!!

Wahoo!!!! It is that time of the year.

The girls are completely thrilled that they are back in school. It has been quite a summer and school is just what they needed. They really missed the heck out of their friends.

Katie is very happy that she is actually switching classes this year. You know, one room for math, another for English...etc. It is the Big Time.... :)

Emily is so happy to see her buddies. She is a social kind of girl. I keep reminding her that her teacher is a bit different from her Kindergarten teacher. Her 1st gr teacher is a bit more strict. Katie had her for first grade. So...we know....

Her are a few pics from the first day - it was free dress. Most half days are.
Emily and her best-bud Sophia.

Emily at her desk. Front row. 1st grade!!!!

I hope that every day ends this way!!!!

The sisters. Kate had a great day. That back pack of hers weighed more than Allison. Can you see Allison trying to make a break for it???

The 2nd day (and just about every day after that) is uniforms. Don't they look adorable?

Our tween-ager. 10yrs old. 5th grade. Unbelievable.
I think that the girls look so sweet.

Our school girls......
Here's to a great year!!!

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Terria said...

Look at your kids picture them going to school makes me want to hold onto my little boys a little longer. They look so independent going to school and happy!!