Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day...for sure!!!

Well...the pregnant women in the St. Louis area took the holiday seriously.
There were babies being born ALL weekend! Lots of them. At least where I was.

I worked the entire weekend, 12hr shifts. It was my holiday to work and that means that I had to work the weekend, too. Not fun.

Anyway...I get a call this morning, from my immediate supervisor. She was very professional. She informs me that a doctor spoke to her about me. Called me out on a thing or 2. 1 was slightly correct. the other? Mostly incorrect. But this doc has a history of intimidation and that he did. I HATE when someone is on a power trip. And I hate when I get sucked into it. It makes me doubt and question myself. And I hate that!!! But...the carreer of a nurse is not pretty. We take alot of guff. We get blamed alot for things that were beyond our control. We have to do 10 things at once and get blamed if we fumble with one of those 10 things. BUT....we get to see life, every day. Sometimes we get to see death. And that isn't always bad. It can be very peaceful and meaningful.

I love being a nurse. I just hate when I have explain myself. I get very defensive. I am a good nurse. I am good at what I do. I have alot to learn. And I learn more and more every day.

Vent over.

It is a hot one out there today.

I worked all weekend and feel completely out of touch with my family and home. I missed Eric and the girls so much. Today is a veg-out day. I am trying to get back in the groove. But that is hard...especially when I have a 2yo shadow, at my feet all of the time. It is sweet. She missed me..... :)

More pictures soon....

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