Monday, August 24, 2009

We all survived Allison's first day....

School days....I-don't-know-the-rest-of-the-tune days......

We all survived. I mainly roamed around the house this morning. I wasn't sure what to do with myself. I felt as if I needed to get SO much done....and I didn't get anything done. I showered. I put on make-up and sort of fixed my hair. I folded a load of laundry and put it away. Started a load of laundry that still sits in the dryer. And that all took me 3hrs.

Allison has been away from me for hours on end. Spending time at a Grandparent's house, or shopping with Aunt Mandy. But this was different. I knew that she was with a new grown-up in her life. Someone who will have alot of influence on her little mind. That is when I started to miss her in a different way. A good way. The way that makes a parent proud that "we got her this far and she is still doing great! We haven't messed up too bad."

She has 8 students in her class. We were told of a Mindy (who didn't share) and Emerson (who wouldn't talk). When I walked into her room to get her, Allison was sitting, quietly, at the little table. She looked tired. She looked like Ms. Sherry had done her pre-school teacher job and kept the little ones busy.

We shall see how bedtime goes tonight. I am sure that it will be a bit earlier than last night.

The other 2 monkeys? They are settling into their routines with their new teachers. Emily is learning how to pace herself with her homework. And Katie is learning what middle school is like....with tons of homework and a little bit of socializing.

Here's to a great week for all of us.

God Bless my family (they are so special to me) and God Bless this mess. Please.

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jenn said...

wow...a quiet house for a few hours...what shall a girl do?!?!!?