Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summertime is upon us!!!

Well....summertime is here, at our house, for sure!

The girls are out back, with a friend, having a water balloon fight. Allison has sidewalk chalk all over her bottom (a diaper-free, big girl panty wearing bottom....yay!!!)

I love this time of year, when there is no schedule...only things that you want to get to...eventually.

I would love to add a photo...but the camera dock is dead. And it is the only way to charge my camera. Seriously. I already checked with Kodak. And the funds are not there right now, to get a new dock. So...the camera sits. I have a disposable on hand, just in case of something extraordinary....but today is just ordinary. And that is great!!!

Eric and I are on a purge and simplify kick right now. And it is SOOO needed!

I am hoping to do a scrapbooking RAK this summer. Get some of my loved, but no longer needed scrapbooking stuff a new home.

Eric's mom got some good news this week, regarding her health. And for that, we are so thankful.

Can't think of much else right now. But we are all here. Where we shall stay....
Because gas is $4.19/gallon. Unbelievable.


Kristii Lockart said...

Such a fantastic picture and I love the music playing in the background! Awesome!! We aren't going many places either...gas is rediculous!!

Close To Home said...

How great for your dd! Big girl she is! :-)
I am also trying to simplify things, and it is a wonderful feeling. I hate having so much stuff!!!!

Have a great day, Ami.

Anonymous said...

hey girl, just wanted to say thanks for leaving comments on our blog and being one of the first to check out our kit. also, since you were so kind to leave us a comment, we wanted to let you know that kits are now on sale and going quick! thanks again for visiting and we hope to see you back soon!

-the minxes :)