Wednesday, May 28, 2008

...and a belly button, too!!!

Well...Allison is well on her way to a career as an artist. Her artistic skills rival those of her older sisters, when they were 2 (almost 3) years old.

As you see here...this is a person. Complete with arms and legs....and a belly button, too. She was quick to point this out to us. The stuff at the top of the person is it's hair. She must be basing this look on her mom's hair-do (or don't) first thing in the morning.
When Katie and Emily drew these...we called them "potato people". Can you guess why? :)

If she draws something for you, someday. Save it. It will be worth millions. Eventually. least to her dad and

Have a wonderful day!!!


Anonymous said...

Amazing! She really is gifted!

Future OB/GYN said...

Hi, Ami. Just found your blog and I really like it! Do you happen to work at Stroger hospital or Cook County Hospital? Just wondering...

karen akaliz said...

that is the sweetest thing! i keep every scrap of anything my son creates. i just can't part with any of it!