Friday, November 2, 2007

Trick or Treat.....

Well, thank goodness that Halloween is over. It seems to be so much work. But the kids love it!

I had to work this year, at my NEW job, so Daddy got to have the fun of TOTing with the girls. They had a great time. And got WAY too much candy! But that is just my opinion....haha.

On Halloween night, Katie marched in the annual Edwardsville parade. She did a great job! so funny to watch her. It brings back so many memories!!!

Allison didn't quite understand what was about to happen, but she loved the dressing up stuff.
What a doll!!!! And Emily....she is such a sweetheart...and a ham....

Katie and Allison....the cutest witches....

This one is for you, Grandma Brooks.

Emily got to have the bluest of hair. She had more fun washing it out, making the shower water blue.

Here they are...the cutest witches around. Seriously...have you ever seen cuter witches?


Anna said...

Ami, the girls are too cute in their Halloween costumes! Thanks for sharing the pictures.


"Cousin" Anna

jenn said...

wow ami, they are getting SOOOOOO big!!!! i cant believe it!!!! time has flown by! i am enjoying your blog! your web page is now in my favorites and i will check back often! LOVE your blog before this one...the VENT! i TOTALLY GET IT!!!!:-)
jenn TOTH!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ami!!! I love those pictures! Do you have myspace? our kids are on my myspace if you want to see them!! thanks for sharing! Lori