Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter, this year.

The Easter Bunny came, of course. He hid eggs and left some great Easter Baskets that have been emptied by now.

Eric and Katie went to church on Saturday night. I took Katie and Emily on Sunday morning. It is just so hard to take Allison, right now. I am glad that we did not take her this Sunday. It was standing room only. Seriously.

We have been having alot of discussions, recently, about the meaning of Easter and our salvation. Katie and Emily are fully aware of the meaning of Easter. And Katie is saved. Emily is still working on it. She has so many questions. My favorite for the week - "Mom? What are angels made of?" That is a hard one to answer. Eric and I told her that they are made up of good thoughts and Jesus' and God's love. Another good question from Emily... "What do I do if I see a guardian angel?". Katie and I told her to wave to them and tell them thank you for watching over us.
God bless you!

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