Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Emily's party was so much fun! We had a great time. The girls made very cute bears/dogs/cats/dolls. We had cupcakes and drinks in the food court. Emily wanted green cupcakes with pink icing and sprinkles. Of course, I got the cupcakes all the way to the mall and then DROPPED them! But they still tasted good!!

Katie was the dutiful big sister and participated, against her will...haha. She got some good loot out of the deal, though.

Allison stayed home with Daddy. Allison is not too cooperative, these days. We like to say that she is advanced - she is acting like a 2yr old already. lol.

After the party, we went and got hair cuts from Aunt Mandy. Emily got a shorter bob for summer. Katie, who has enough hair for 2 people, got long layers and got her bangs blended and got a little thinning done. The result is a prettier ponytail (her hairstyle of choice for school). (Top photo)

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