Tuesday, March 16, 2010

65 photos....

When I got home from work this morning, I found my EMPTY camera case on the dining room table. When I asked Eric where it was, he told me that the camera was by the kitchen sink.


I found the camera by the sink....and proceeded to go through the photos on it. Allison has discovered how to take a photo and she thinks that the camera is just as much her's to use as it is mine. Um....no way, kiddo. But, apparently, daddy was preoccupied with another task and Allison went to town, snapping up photos of our home.

But not pretty photos, but pics that a 4yo would love to see...her toy area, the kitchen trash can, the pile of laundry that needs to be put away in mom and dad's room....

and her left hand.

Yes, her left hand. When asked why there we so many pics of her hand, Allison let me know that she took pictures of her hand so I would know what her hand looked like while she was at school. Yes, sweetie. Momma often forgets what your sweet, chubby hand looks like for the 2.5hrs that you are gone in the morning....3 days a week. NOT!!!!!

Allison is a right-handed photographer. And she loves self portraits.

Here are a few, for posterity's sake.

And then Daddy said..."here, let's get a picture of YOU. Apparently, he hadn't checked the photos already taken.


jenn said...

btw, i cant believe how big your "baby" is!

Celeste said...

hoping you get an email notification on this. you won the nook hop at my blog. please send me you full name and address so i can pass it on so you can get your past kit!

celestefsmith AT gmail DOT com


sheila lynn said...

adorable....loved it