Monday, December 14, 2009

Rest in peace, Grandma Henderson.

Grandma Henderson passed away Monday evening, December 14th, 2009.

She was my dad's mom. She had a husband and 3 sons...but was survived by only 2 of the son's - Larry and Gary.

She led an interesting life. Was a tough cookie. Loved her God and wasn't afraid to talk about it.

She is in the company of her husband, Curt, and her youngest son, Danny...who passed away about a year ago.

She looked just like her mom, Little Grandma Morgan. They had the same laugh.

Rest in peace, Grandma. We love you and will miss you.


Anonymous said...

aww i'm sorry for your loss.

lori said...

thinking of you and your family...

Erika said...


Close To Home said...

hey ami, sorry to hear this. i know it's late, but i will be praying. thinking of you@