Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fevers suck.

Poor Allison had a febrile seizure this evening.


I had run to school to go to parent-teacher conferences and left Allison sleeping on the couch. She had a low-grade temp all day, but was OK. Katie was on the computer and Em was watching television.

I came home to a frantic 8yo and 12yo. Apparently, 911 had just been called by my girls. Emily dialed and Katie talked. Allison had some activity that was later determined to be the seizure, vomited and then became unresponsive. Her breathing was shallow. I got there moments before EMS arrived.

When they got there, Allison's oxygen saturation was 92% (low-ish for a healthy 4yo girl) and her heart rate was 148. She was still shallow breathing and was not following any commands.


We decided that the ambulance did not need to take her to the hospital, but that I would take her in myself. Eric would meet us at the ER (he was coming home from Greenville).

Allison was awake but still out of it and not following commands. She had not spoken any words still....hard to believe... :)

We were seen right away in the ER. Her temp was 102 degrees. The doctor later told us that it is not necessarily h0w high the temp is, but how fast it spikes. I think that is what happened. I asked if the doctor thought that it was influenza and she stated that it could be. But she would not treat Allison any differently. She stated that the incidents of influenza is decreasing. Yay!!!!

We were sent home about an hour later with a prescription for Amoxicillin (for a newly discovered ear infection in the ear WITHOUT the tube), instructions for Motrin and Tylenol and close observation. Check. Check. Check.

As I type, she is sleeping soundly. Sweating off the fever that is breaking.

As I type, Emily has fallen asleep, hopefully she will be sweating off the fever that she developed this evening.

When it rains, it pours.

God bless my little ones. Keep the healthy ones healthy and heal the sick ones. Thank you, Lord, for my usually healthy girls. Eric and I are so blessed.

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jenn said...

gosh ami, scarey stuff! glad things turned out ok!