Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where did I go????

Man...September was just a bit hectic. But, it ended nicely with a vacation to Silver Dollar City and Branson, with my parents and sister and her husband.

I would love for you to see the "ole-time-y" photos of my kids, but I cannot post the pictures here. is the link....

click on: See my photos

To the left you will see the log-in.

The User name is: SDC
The password is: 1211401

The are so funny. Allison did not like the shoulder part of her dress and the fact that the hat would not sit firmly on her head. She kept shrugging up her shoulders and fussing about it all.

Katie did not like the way her dress fit on top. I thought that she looked so mature in it. But she fussed a bit about the and the fact that the back was just open and laced up. Modesty at its finest. (Thank goodness).

Emily? She loved every bit of it! The dress. The taking of her picture....
Need I say more???

I am hoping to get back on the posting "band wagon" soon. Trying to get back into our family "groove".

But, October is shaping up to be another one of those months.
-2 parades that Katie is in.
-an out of town wedding (Congratulations, Sarah and Ryan!!!)
-Halloween party
-deciding on and finding 3 Halloween costumes
-working my 2 jobs

So good.

Take care and be well!!!!


mommy2alex said...

Wow, what a month you've had! Hope October will be slower so you can enjoy the fall!

NancyJones said...

OH HOW FUN i always loved going to branson and silver dollar city. Those were some of our more memorable trips growing up!! funny about the pictures! EMBRACE that modesty rofl pray they keep it as they get older (I see so many teens around here half naked it is just sickening)

jenn said...

love those pics ami! you can totally see what each one of them are thinking of this escapade in their facial expressions! priceless!

David said...

Go check out Branson resort! That place is fun and exciting.

Anonymous said...

Did you stay at one of the Branson hotels near silver dollar city? I'm trying to plan a vacation up there!