Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday!!!!!

I absolutely love this idea.

And I have become addicted to this blog. The "real" mom is dealing with some heavy duty stuff...and some "just every day mom stuff". She will welcome her 4th baby Wednesday...and thousands of her readers are waiting to meet her "Stellan".

Check out her blog here...

I really think that it helps us moms "confess" our transgressions...and still feel like we are not alone.

We all know that these children of ours will survive...and actually have good stories and sweet memories of their childhood's.

My girls are, for the most part, patient beings. My 3yo...well...she is 3yo. But she puts up with alot...especially a momma who works night shift and chooses to keep her kids home and not put them in day care.

Soooo...without further ado...

I did not give my youngest daughter a cheese sandwich and 2 sippy's of apple juice and sit her in the bed with me, to watch television, while I grabbed a pseudo-nap.

I did not auto-tune 6 Dora's, SpongeBob's, Diego's, Little Bill's in a she would stay in bed with me for 3 hours.

I most certainly did not laugh so hard at an off-color joke at work that, with the result of delivering 3 big-headed babies, I pee'd my pants and had to borrow work scrubs.

I really, really did not tell my 7yo that I would tell her the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus's phone numbers when she grew up and became a mom.

Ahhhh. That feels better.


Rita said...

I love this idea! I have far too many not me moments to count!

vtpuggirl said...

LOL, this is a great idea! off to visit that blog!

scrapyoga said...

too funny!!! loving this too!