Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Birthday to Allison Lynn...

Happy Birthday to our sweet baby, Allison.

I cannot believe that it has been 3 years since you joined our family...making us complete.

I will admit, the news of your presence and pending arrival was quite a surprise, but wonderful, nonetheless. Daddy and I thought that, perhaps, we were going to be a family of four forever. But God had so much more planned for us. God had YOU planned for us.

I remember telling Daddy that you were growing in my belly. We both were quite speechless for a few days. But we kept you all to ourselves for a few weeks. Finally revealing to Katie and Emily, that they would be big sisters...Katie would have 2 little siblings and Emily would know the "joy" of a little sibling. Katie and Emily were overjoyed...just like your dad and me.

I remember the ultrasound. At about 20 weeks. Daddy and I decided that Katie and Emily could go, too. It would be a family affair. You were, of course, the baby for ALL of us.

I remember that K&E were fussing, as sisters do and daddy was tending to them both. I remember that the ultrasound tech kept the wand rolling over my belly and I remember her asking if we wanted to know if you were a boy or girl. I remember as she typed a word on the screen....


I knew it. All along, I knew that I was meant to be the momma of girls. I remember telling K&E...."it's a sister!"

We were all so happy.

You grew and grew in my belly. AND GREW!!!!

At 35 weeks, I went for an ultrasound to check how you have grown (I was measuring big).

The ultrasound tech did her measurements. You looked so wonderful. She wrote some numbers on a little card and gave me a picture of your profile. The card said "35 weeks. 8lb 12oz." I remember asking if that was how big she thought you would be when you were born. She replied..."no. that is how big she is now." Panic set in. You were growing to be a big girl.

The doctor decided to induce me a little early. Because of your growth. And I was happy to oblige him. It was so hot. We couldn't really leave the house. I couldn't stand the heat. You were like a little heater and you kept me warm all of the time!!!!

I went to the hospital and the induction started. I had decided to try to do things without an epidural.

Wow....thinking back, that was a crazy decision.

Labor progressed slowly but I got to 10cm after about 12hours. But you were still so high in my body that the doctors and nurses could hardly touch your head when they checked me. And high up you stayed. After 2.5 hours of pushing and crying and pushing and were still high. So...I got an epidural. It was a beautiful thing. didn't come down. Even with awesome strong pushes.

The doctor suggested a C-section and Daddy and I didn't really need to talk about it. We wanted you here!!!!! 6:41a.m., in OR 2, you were born. Screaming as soon as the air touched your body. I remember hearing the doctor say..."no wonder she wouldn't come down". You were a wonderfully, perfectly BIG baby!!!! Daddy had been by my head the whole time, but I wanted him to go check on you. I could hear you cry, but couldn't see you for a few minutes. Just the nature of the operating room. I was crying from the joy and shear exhaustion!!!!

You were healthy. And beautiful. All that we could ever ask for.

When we got to our room, Gma and Gpa B were there to greet you. (They were nervous because I was having surgery.)

The rest has been a blur. 3 years have gone so quickly.

Sometimes, some days seem to drag on forever - 3 kids can fill a house up quickly...

But, as I look at you now. I see the toddler that you were and the big girl that you are becoming.

Cheering as you use the potty successfully. Comforting you when you get a booboo. Being the number one person in your whole world.

You are a great kid.

You are houghtful. Sweet. Affectionate. SOFT!!! Caring. Bossy. And funny.

God certainly knew that we needed you in this family. We all needed you.

Happy Birthday to our sweet baby. You will always be referred to as "the baby".

We are so glad that you are here!!!

The picture? It was Allison's first Christmas and we were sitting by the tree. Talking about how we had to be gentle with it. We could touch it, but not pull on it...and I had the camera. I asked her to smile and she got right up to the camera and that smile! (Think we'll need braces????)


Anne aka Anniescraps said...

Happy Birthday Allison Lynn, three is a perfect age and August 3rd is a great day to be born! My Matty turned four today, so here is to those gentle leos born this very day! I am sure you sang to and given the best gifts, especially that of love.
Happy BDay!

Rita said...

Beautiful post! Your love for her is so obvious!

Close To Home said...

What a sweet sweet precious little girl, and all those memories. I really enjoyed reading your post. I love hearing and seeing how much parents' love their kids. Sooooo sooo important. Good thing you had that Csection...whew!