Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bedtime prayers and laundry.....

Please remember to post here for my RAK!!!

I love this old photo. I don't know who this little girl is, but I am sure you have seen it before!!!

People are kind, and generous. I am so thankful. Still.

That isn't just talk.

As we were saying prayers, with our girls, last night, I was struck by the sweetness of it. The girls were on our bed, with their hands folded. Eric and I were kneeling at the bedside, looking at them.

Those girls are our world. And they know it. But they don't think about it all of the time. Because it is just the way it is in their world. They are loved, content and happy. This house that we call home is all that they know. It is their world and their safety net.

I want it to always be where they can feel safe and comfy. Where they can be themselves.

That is my goal. Always. To make this place a place where my family feels safe and where friends can come in and flop on the couch and hang out.

On another note....

Honestly, I cannot wait to do laundry in my own home. I know, I sounds insane. But I have been without my dryer for over a month. after 15 years of faithful service, it gave me its retirement notice. And it is gone. Our new dryer (thank you to the great sale at Home Depot) will be delivered tomorrow. For a 2nd time.

We had a dryer delivered last week, and it had a little scratch on it. Bottom, front. The delivery guy asked me how much it bothered me because he could get a little money off of the dryer. I told him that it didn't bother me a much off????

Well....he set up the dryer and turned it on. It was loud, with a grinding, metal-on-metal sound. Come to find out, something has bashed in the back of the dryer. So they took it away. And couldn not deliver a new one til this Thursday. I was so sad. I even had laundry saved, to do that evening, in our new dryer.

I cannot wait to have warm, fresh towels in my home. Ones that smell like laundry and not the laundromat.

But, instead, I may have to resort to this. hahaha....Check out the long-johns. Obviously not my laundry!!!

Need to get camera fixed. ASAP!!!

Wedding this weekend and the girls will look so sweet! I cannot wait to see them in their "ballerina" gowns (as Allison puts it).


Susan Beth said...

Love that hanging laundry picture. Hope you are blessed with a perfect long living dryer tomorrow!

Close To Home said...

You are toooooooooo funny! Love all those pics!!! I hope you get some laundry in your own home done soon!!

Kristii said...

Those towels look awesome!! I need to get me someone who will wash and fold them like that too!! Here's to the new dryer and fresh clean clothes!!

AnnaMarie said...

I also love that praying girl pic, one of my faves! How awesome that your dryer arrives tomorrow!! :)