Thursday, January 31, 2008

Who's 'Enza???

Influenza...My poor, monkey Katie has the real flu bug.
She is feeling rather yucky right now.
I picked her up from school yesterday and she was feeling tired and achy, with a sore throat. Not a good sign.

She got a fever...102 this morning.

To the dr we went.

I thought that it might be strep, but....that was negative.

Influenza was the diagnosis (thanks to a nasal swab).

So...we are at home, keeping warm, medicating fevers and aches and pains.

My poor girl.

On a lighter note, Emily is feeling better. Just about back to normal. Normal enough to want to bug her sick big sister. Yup, just about back to normal. :)

Allison? Well...we have her in a bubble, trying to keep her away from all germs. But she insists on breathing in the air inside the house and touching things that her sisters have touched. The soap and water is flowing here.

And we are expecting 6-9 inches of snow tonight. Hmph.


Close To Home said...

aww hope your family will be ALL better..

oceans5 said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon. I hate it when my kids are sick. Stay warm with all that snow.