Monday, May 7, 2007

Can you hear me now???

Thank the Lord that these ears are done!!!

Allison had her "bilateral myringotomy with tubes" (ear tubes) done this morning. We are hoping to have the same results that Emily had with hers - NO MORE EAR INFECTIONS!!!

Allison did well. She woke up a little mad, though. The nurse said that the first thing she did was pull off her moniters and then her socks. She settled down a few minutes after Eric and I got there.

Apparently, all she needed was 3 - yes, count them - 3 minutes of anesthesia.

We prayed for Allison to do well with surgery, and for Jesus to guide the hand of her surgeon - Dr. Hessler (younger than me, I might add).

Thankfully, all is well. Allison had a little bit of a sick stomach when we got home. But she got sick just a little, and then was very hungry.

Now....if she would only nap....

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